Living in a Black and White World

A black and white world
                I am living in a black and white world. 
                I am shocked, saddened, and baffled by this. I see the world in full, glorious God-given colour. But so many of the people around me, particularly on social media, see only in black and white.
                No colour. No shades. Not even greys. Stark black and stark white.
                I see it in the US election campaign and its aftermath. The black and white view of whatever political persuasion is quite simply “if  you disagree with my view, you obviously support the other candidate.” A byproduct of that simplistic viewpoint is that it is always followed by “oh yeah, well your candidate is worse” followed by a lengthy discourse of so-called facts that, in reality, are not facts, but merely oft-repeated opinions. It happened when Trump supporters were challenged: Oh yeah, well Clinton and/or Obama are worse.” It happened when Clinton supporters were challenged: “Oh yeah, well Trump is worse.” Discourse and discussion? No. Childish playground arguing? Yes.
                Black and white. No acknowledgement that the truth might be somewhere in the middle. No recognition that one side or the other might have valid positions or arguments. Black and white.
                Each side refuses to allow the other the freedom of speech because they are “wrong” even though, in the next breath, they pontificate about preserving the principle of free speech. Black and white.
                It’s not just politics. Blanket condemnations and opinions are accepted as fact without research or careful, thoughtful consideration of the alternative arguments. Black and white.
                Climate change is real. Climate change is a fraud. Black and white.
                Muslims are evil terrorists.  Muslims are peaceful and trustworthy. Black and white.
                Evangelicals are right-wing nutbars. Evangelicals are loving disciples of God. Black and white.
                Trump is another Hitler, the devil incarnate. Trump is the Messiah. Black and white.
                It even extends to such mundane areas as sports although that at least is understandable
                But I believe in colour, in nuances, in conversation not confrontation. I have been insulted, called filthy names, been threatened and even lost friends because they said black and I said white.
                What a sad state of affairs and how pathetic that we who live in an age when information is available to us, are often no more intelligent than ignorant peasants of the 13th century..

                I live in a black and white world. 
                But I will speak in colour. 
                I live in a black and white world but I refuse to accept it or condone it. I live in a black and white world but I will bring colour into it.

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