“If you want to change the world,

pick up a pen and write”.

Martin Luther


Two Parallel Worlds

This is about a tale of despair and hope. Of celebrity superstars at rock bottom struggling to make sense of it all and to recover. It involves a very public media sex scandal that ruined a career. It’s about a clash of cultural expressions. It’s about arguments for and against foreign influence on culture. SoundsContinue reading “Two Parallel Worlds”

The Hidden Impact of Covid

Over the past few months I have been counseling and helping several clients—particularly churches—walk the minefield of allegations of abuse and coverups that happened 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. They are posted on social media and shared as if it was new. This is not to denigrate or demean such allegations. Let’s faceContinue reading “The Hidden Impact of Covid”

  The non-fiction about fiction   G. K. Chesterton: Looking back on a worldly and wasted life, I realize that I have especially sinned in neglecting to read novels. That’s an interesting comment from a man who penned some great fiction, including creating the priestly detective, Father Brown. I cannot—will not—compare myself with Chesterton, butContinue reading


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