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Barrie Interviewed in the Midland Today newspaper

Township author excavates Handel’s back story for new novel: ‘It’s a story of hope’

Handel overcame bad health and financial ruin when creating ‘Messiah’

COMMUNITY May 17, 2020 by Gisele Winton Sarvis  Midland Mirror

Tiny Township author Barrie Doyle has released his new historical novel ‘Musick for the King,’ profiling the inspiring life of 18th-century composer George Frideric Handel. – Barrie Doyle photo

Author Barrie Doyle’s newly released novel ‘Musick for the King’ is available online through Amazon and will be offered at Georgian Bay Books in Midland and The Reading Room in Penetanguishene. – Barrie Doyle photo

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Tiny Township author Barrie Doyle has excavated and polished up a historical treasure: the life story of composer George Frideric Handel.

Doyle’s new novel, “Musick for the King,” was supposed to be launched at Easter, but COVID-19 has caused the postponement of the launch. The book, however, is available for sale online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and will be for sale at local book stores.

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“To me, the story is about the absolute determination of these two people to succeed.”

The book also speaks to our time, when we are housebound through the coronavirus pandemic, said Doyle.

“It’s a story of hope. For people who are down and fed up, it shows you can rise above it.”