Crisis Management & Media Consulting

Our services include comprehensive consultation to help churches, denominations, schools, camps, and other non-profit organizations prepare for and deal with crisis–whether man-made, criminal activity, protests, natural disaster or other.

We help you develop a customized crisis management plan, create a crisis management team (CMT), deal with media interviews, prepare Media Talking Points and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

We also provide media training in a small group setting to help you navigate your way through the media jungle. We help you see the media as a tool to be used; not and enemy and not a friend.

No one likes to live through a crisis and all of us would like to believe that even if narrowly, we will avoid the worst of worse case scenarios. But life is not like that. As a denominational leader I learned from Barrie Doyle how to prepare for the sudden appearance of situations that both break the heart and also threaten the foundational integrity of the institution. To me his advice has been like that of a guide through a treacherous mountain pass where one false step could send us over an edge, but if followed brings us safely through. Barrie sets up protocol plans for crisis and is also available for personal on – site guidance when they break out. He understands the needs and demands of journalists and when speaking to them knows how to draw proper boundaries that they respect. Always truthful and sensitive I found him to be a crisis manager that I could trust.”

Dr. Franklin Pyles, President The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

For 30 years we have provided crisis management consulting and training for a wide variety of clients. Dealing with a crisis is never easy, but the goal is to get through the situation as quickly as possible and get back to your normal activities with your reputation intact or, hopefully, even improved. It can be done.