Spiritual Wolves. Identify and Confront them

Writing the tough ones

Writing is never easy. Particularly when you are dealing with very difficult and often painful subject matter
My good friend Coleman Luck has tackled that problem and, in my opinion, delivered a well-written, well-researched and much needed book. “Day of the Wolf: Unmasking and confronting wolves in the church” is a look at the difficult subject of painful, in-church dynamics and politics. Specifically, Cole looks at those who prey upon the “sheep” in the flock that is the church. These ‘spiritual wolves’ are endemic in the church. They are people who use the goodness and fair-mindedness and, yes, the love of most people inside a church body in order to further their own greedy grasp for power.
What struck me about the book is that as I read along, I began to identify—by name—individuals I had known who exhibited all the traits of spiritual wolves. They were individuals  who amassed followings of unthinking church goers who were awed by skill, looks, talent or sheer force of will and unblinkingly began to ‘follow’, aiding and abetting,  as their idols systematically destroyed and abused other church goers who refused to drink the kool aid.
As Cole wrote, he was cognizant that this book would not be well received in some circles. He relates experiences from his own church going background and his experiences as a Hollywood producer and writer. He tells tales that are not easy to hear.  He makes some harsh, yet justified, criticisms of the culture of celebrity that comes from the Hollywood milieu and has infiltrated the church—particularly the music scene. It is not pleasant reading and, I am sure, not pleasant writing.Yet he persisted driven, I believe, by the knowledge that this was a book that needed telling. If you have been in church circles where people (perhaps even you) have been hurt, this is a book that brings light to those aching moments. It is, in a strange way, affirming. You are not alone, thank God! You are not the only one who’s suffered under a wolf’s destructive attacks.
“Day of the Wolf” may not make Christianity Today’s list of top books for 2014 (though it should) but for me it is one of the top books of the decade. I strongly urge you to buy it and read it (check it out on Amazon). You won’t be disappointed.

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