Ikea and new technology

Ikea and new technology

I have to admit that I am ambivalent towards the furnishings giant Ikea. On the one hand, there is no doubt they have great products. On the other hand, their stuff is a pain to put together.
Having said that, their advertising is often brilliant, bordering on the cheeky at times. Case in point: their latest “BookBook” campaign. It’s a poke (well deserved) at the ‘nerdy-look-at-me-I’m-much-trendier-than-you’ approach of techno giants such as Apple. In their minds, you have to have the latest gizmo or feature and they regularly add ‘features’ that suddenly become ‘must haves’. 
Ikea introduces the outrageous notion that books—yes ordinary books—are a technological wonder. They store information, easy to share, easy to search and bookmark, not need for plugs or wifi, and so on. And it is all done with Ikea’s trademark sense of humour.
But it does bring about some interesting thoughts. Books, hard copy printed materials, may just be making a comeback after too many computer or ebook crashes, internet malfunctions, gigantic data bills and hacking issues. And why not. Books are simple, easy to use (no manual needed—and if you did need a manual, it would be a book!) cost efficient, found everywhere online or in brick and mortar stores. It’s an idea whose time has come!
Not too long ago, the techno revolution swamped the concept of vinyl LP records in favour of compact disks which were then swamped by mp3 and itunes. The sound was said to be inferior. Now, however, vinyl is making a comeback and it is said to be superior to CD’s and digital offerings.
The wheel is turning. It’s not just troglodytes embracing the joy of holding a book in hand, turning the pages and revelling in a good story.

There’s hope for me yet. 

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