Doyle’s latest novel

“Barrie Doyle captures the timelessness of Messiah and helps the reader live drama that birthed one of the most celebrated pieces of our time.

Katherine Whyte, Metropolitan Opera, New York.

“This is a historical fiction so you can sit in a cozy chair, wrapped in a warm blanket and allow yourself to be swept back to the mid 1700s and imagine you were there, watching the whole story play out in your mind. It is vivid and real and you can almost feel the Irish dust on your face as the horses pass by, or hear the calls of the people on the crowded streets near the docks.”

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Laurie Haughton, Author and Photographer

“I’ve just read your magnum opus about Handel’s great success at Dublin. I was enthralled and felt close to the principal characters throughout. You must have done almost limitless research, much of which must have been a work of love and a lot of fun.While reading your story, I had a few nostalgic moments including reliving time leaning on a balustrade overlooking the Liffey and time contemplating the Book of Kells at Trinity. I actually printed an offline map of Dublin and pasted it inside the back cover of your book. Of course, I mentally revisited some places I walked about while on assignment some years ago in London too. Thanks for the descriptive work that put me on the scene in the 18th century. Another thing your descriptive pictures did for me was recall the excitement of some of my own musical experiences such as rehearsing in the orchestra pit for South Pacific and some Gilbert and Sullivan shows. Your characters thrilled and so does the reader as rehearsals progress toward the big reveal.(I recalled sitting first chair for some concerts at Massey Hall). Thanks for making the Handel tale so real.Thanks for the intense pleasure and the number of frisson moments it provoked. A proud effort and obviously heartfelt praise for a great composer and perhaps his greatest work. Thanks Barrie.

Bruce Rogers, Former CBC news anchor and London Bureau Chief

“The Oak Grove Conspiracies”, a trilogy series by author Barrie Doyle, are a must read for those who enjoy historical fiction. They are fast paced, well researched and hard to put down once you start reading.  Along with other fans I hope there is a 4th book or perhaps a new series in the works.

– Donna Thomas, an avid reader of Historical Fiction

The reader hops from country to country in a nail-biting drama that pulls back the curtain on the little-known historical facts surrounding one of Hitler’s obsessions. Here, fact is more intriguing than fiction and makes The Lucifer Scroll one of those books you can’t put down. I keep waiting for the militia to come to the rescue of the weak and end the tension but it goes on.  I sense a parallel to the events of history today. Perhaps the sequel will tell all or leave me wondering.

A delight to read. (Doyle’s) tale of the sword is convincing and realistic. It reads like an epic movie.

June Stevenson, former editor United Church Observer

What a great read! The plot is thick and surprising. I’m a picky reader and this one is as good as Tom Clancy!

Dr. Doug Davis, Eastern Illinois University

Barrie Doyle has woven a distant past with a very dangerous present. Mystery, adventure and sacrifice planted in ancient times causes a frightening modern conflict.  You’re going to enjoy this book. It is a fresh telling of one of the great myths of western culture.

 Coleman Luck, Hollywood Screenwriter, TV producer, (The Equalizer)and author, (Angel Fall)